Jacoby HB4J


The HB4-J is constructed with BirdsEye Maple, Cocobolo, and Leopard Jasper. BirdsEye Maple with the rare eye-like wood pattern composes the forearm.


BirdsEye makes up one percent of the total maple wood species making it rare and valuable. The Red and orange toned cocobolo makes up the butt sleeve. Cocobolo is native to Central America most commonly located between Mexico and Panama. The wrap is a Genuine Cognac Embossed Leather. Finalizing the cues unique design is the Thirty-six Cocobolo Index Stitches, four cocobolo points, twenty Leopard Jasper Inlays, sixteen Holly Inlays and Thirty rings hand placed in each cue. This cue comes complete with a Radial Pin and a 12.75 MM Ultra Pro Shaft.

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